• What does a subscription to Blossom Pilates include?
  • Access to the entire library of video – including Kathy Grant exercises, apparatus classes and tutorials, full mat classes and more!
  • Access to your subscription on your favorite device: iPhone, Android/Androidttv, appletv, Roku, and firetv.
  • Exercises for all levels of movement – beginner, intermediate and experienced.
  • A wide variety of workouts that you can fit into your day –  from 5 mins to 60 mins, from a deliberate pace to a rigorous flow.
  • Tips on using props that are familiar and also ones that are new to your practice!
  • The Exercises
    • I’m new to Pilates. Is this subscription appropriate for me?
    • Do I need to have apparatuses to try the workouts?
    • Are there exercises that are safe for pre- or post-natal bodies?
    • Where can I purchase the props in your videos?
  • Subscriptions & Billing
    • Can I switch my subscription option?
    • How do I reset my login credentials?
    • Can I automatically renew my subscription?
    • How do I pause my subscription?
    • How do I cancel my subscription?
  • Contact Us
    • If you need additional guidance, please reach out to: contact@blossompilates.com. Kindly note that there is a high volume of queries and we will respond within 3 business days.
    • Customer Service hours are: (insert days of the week and hours)
    • I have a question for Blossom. How can I reach her?