Be You. Make Your Statement.

Welcome to Urban Blossom’s Insider Page, with all the juicy details about where to get your one-of-a-kind statement piece, and why this line is so much more than a jewelry collection.

My life mission is to help women feel empowered, connected and grounded in self love. I believe when we are grounded in self love, we can spread love and inspiration to those around us, and eventually across the planet. So this Urban Blossom Jewelry line is a dedication to loving our imperfections, living fully expressed as creative beings and to embracing our feminine power. Your piece is handcrafted with love and divine inspiration, so there will never be another exactly like it.

Each time you wear this piece, let it be a reminder of how unique and special you are, and may it bless you with all the beauty, strength and grace of a flourishing blossom.
With love,

Host a Trunk Show

Host your own Urban Blossom Trunk Show and earn FREE Jewelry! Share this unique, locally handcrafted jewelry with your friends and family by hosting a party at your home, office or at your events. It’s easy, fun and you will earn FREE jewelry for yourself

A couple of FAQs:

Why host a Jewelry Trunk Show?

It’s a great way to add sparkle to your events and to bring your friends together for fun, bonding and great rewards.

Will hosting a trunk show cost me anything?

Hosting a trunk show will not cost you anything, there are actually generous rewards involved! We offer free and ½ priced rewards, based on the sales at your trunk show. It is our way to thank you for helping to share Urban Blossom Jewelry with your friends and family.

What should I expect?

You and your friends will have a fun time adorning yourselves and finding the perfect pieces to match each individual style. Jewelry trunk shows typically last about 2 to 3 hours and your friends can come as they please. There is no pressure involved and the shows are always casual and enjoyable.

View some of the fabulous pieces on the Urban Blossom Jewelry’s “Facebook“.
Give us a call or shoot us an e-mail to book a date or to request more information on(858) 224-3577 or at

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What’s New?

Feathers are OUT. Leaves are IN! Get inspired with a one-of-a-kind 24k or Sterling Silver leaf necklace or earring set, and let your special piece be a reminder of exactly how unique and special you are. Learn about the significance of each leaf and choose a style that fits your unique expression.

Significance of the Aspen Tree

From above ground, an Aspen grove looks like thousands of individual, separated trees. But underground, the trees are interconnected through an extensive root system—making all of the Aspens essentially one living organism. We can derive a lot of wisdom from the Aspens when we consider that we are also members of a larger community and that at our roots, we are all one.
Your Aspen leaf necklace represents all of the strength, beauty and power of an Aspen grove, and at the same time your leaf is a totally unique, one-of-a-kind expression that will never be duplicated.
May each time you wear your Aspen leaf necklace be a reminder of exactly how unique and special YOU are and may it bless you with all of the strength, wisdom and beauty of an ancient Aspen grove.

Significance of the Cottonwood Tree

This tree’s heart-shaped leaves speak to the essence of the Cottonwood. It is a tree of generosity and love—taking water where there is little, and giving shade, shelter and food to lesser beings. Cottonwoods are sacred trees in Native American cultures and are used in everyday life and in ceremony. This tree represents the presence of the Great Spirit and our connection to all things. Each time you wear this piece, let it ground you in your heart-centered journey and serve as a reminder that at all times you are being protected, guided and nurtured by Spirit.

Significance of the Sugar Maple Tree

Best known for the rich maple syrup that comes from its sap, the maple tree is also a symbol for sweet love, ancient wisdom and balance between the yin and yang. Sugar maple trees seldom flower until they are at least 22 years old, but they can also live 300 to 400 years old. Like the maple, it may take us years to finally blossom, but as this wise tree demonstrates, once we do we will continue to thrive for many years to come. The Maple tree grounds us to the eternal strength of Mother Earth while the many colored leaves represent variety and change. This reminds us that while we are part of an eternal, interconnected system, each of us also have a unique expression that we must nurture and grow. The maple also fosters intuitive development and creative expression. May each time you wear your sugar maple leaves be a reminder of the ancient wisdom running through your veins, and may it bless you with all the strength, beauty and grace of a flourishing maple forest.

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Returns & Exchanges

Since each ring is handmade to order, variations in your exact piece will occur. By purchasing Jewelry from Urban Blossom Jewelry, you indicate your understanding that each piece is as distinctly unique as you are and may not look exactly as pictured.

We will accept returns or exchanges for merchandise within 2 weeks of purchase. With proof of purchase, we offer a refund in the same manner in which the original sale was made for items returned. All items must be returned in new condition with original packaging and contents. Items cannot be returned without proof of purchase. Sale merchandise is not returnable for exchange or refund. Price adjustments will not be honored.

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