No Patience for Yoga? Try Pilates

10 years ago I was in desperate need of some mindful movement. After years of playing sports and beating up my body, I was yearning for a form exercise that would balance, energize and restore me to a natural state of health and fitness.

I had experimented with yoga a couple of times, but somehow I would re-injure myself. So, I was driven to seek another form of mind-body exercise.

That’s when I discovered Pilates. I loved that Pilates met me where I was at. I needed a form of fitness that could cater to my injuries while still giving me a full body workout.

I also loved the mind-body aspect of pilates. With each small movement there was so much to concentrate on that pilates felt like a physical meditation; a way to practice being in “The Now” without having to sit on a cushion, and watch my breath while trying to empty my mind. I used pilates as a way to connect with myself at a deeper level. It was my gateway to mindful living. It was my gateway to spirituality.  

Pilates was hard. It challenged me physically but in a totally different way than an athletic conditioning workout. This was smart movement. Exercise that went deeper. Exercise that pushed me—not to my vo2 max—but rather to a more profound level of inner strength. I learned how to move with precision, confidence and grace. I got in touch with my core power.  I got in touch with my gut instinct.  I got in touch with my True center.

I can now look back over the past 10 years and see how I’ve blossomed in mind, body and spirit. I can see that my path was always to be a pilates teacher and to help others find their True center and core power through pilates. I’m grateful that my body didn’t automatically take to yoga because it allowed me to find a solution that can and does help so many others.

My style of pilates instruction mirrors what I needed as a student: A workout that’s physically challenging, mentally stimulating, caters to any injuries or limitations, meets you where you’re at and pushes you to new levels in mind, body and soul. I never know exactly how a session will unfold, but I do guarantee that you will leave having awakened and experienced yourself at a deeper level.

All we can ever ask is that we be met where we are at in fitness and in life, and then given the right balance of support and challenge, so that we may grow and improve at a level that feels empowering. I am honored and grateful to be a pilates instructor who has dedicated my life and my studio, Blossom Pilates & Soul, to empowering others in mind, body and soul. Fostering each person’s unique journey of self-discovery is my life mission. For empowerment is the seed from which all transformation blossoms.

 Debbie Lichter is a certified pilates instructor and owner of Blossom Pilates and Soul studio in Hillcrest, San Diego. To experience her unique style of transformational pilates visit or call (858) 224-35577.