FREE EVENT: The “No Fail” New Year’s Resolution Kick Off Party

Do you struggle each year with setting New Year’s Resolutions only to lose steam by February?

Then join us for The “No Fail” New Year’s Resolution Kick Off Party

JAN 9th 6:45PM – 8:45PM at Blossom Pilates & Soul Studio

This FREE EVENT is open to all Blossom clients and fans. You will:

  • Discover the secret formula to creating lasting change
  • Learn the 5 common pitfalls of goal-setting
  • Emerge with a Vision for YOU in 2012
  • GET 3 WEEKS OF FREE COACHING from renowned wellness coach, Pete Kirchmer!!!!!!!

Take the 2012 New Year’s Resolution Self Assessment and come prepared:

For more information on Pete Kirchmer visit:

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Looking forward to seeing you there!!

Debbie Lichter is a certified pilates instructor and owner of Blossom Pilates and Soul studio in Hillcrest, San Diego. To experience the transformational pilates and programming that is offered at Blossom, call (858) 224-3577 or visit