Blossom Pilates and Soul is passionately committed to our mission of helping people connect with themselves and the world around them at a deeper level so that they can move through life with power, ease and grace.

Hear what our clients have to say about their experiences.


“Debbie is a star Pilates instructor in every way. Not only does she possess an extensive knowledge of the body and movement patterns but brings a unique ability to apply this knowledge to her training classes in a very personal way. She is a great listener and seeks first to understand her client’s body and movement patterns before suggesting alternatives. Read More >>

Debbie has opened up my understanding of new ways to move and reinforce positive movement in my body and I appreciate her for being attentive, committed, supportive and overall just a wonderful person to work with. I have never had a more positive experience doing Pilates than my time with Debbie. Thank you!”

~ Christiana DeBenedict, Non- Profit Business Executive, San Diego, CA

“I have been practicing Pilates off and on for about four years. I have trained with a lot of different instructors and I can honestly say that Debbie is the best! She is positive, fun, and encouraging. She is very knowledgeable and has a gift for teaching. I always enjoy my sessions with Deb. She changes my workouts on a weekly basis so my body is consistently challenged and I continue to learn new things. Read More >>

Since working with Deb she has helped me reach my goals of becoming leaner, stronger, and more flexible… I couldn’t have done it without her. She truly
is an inspiration!”

~ Nicole Emerson, Dental Hygienist, San Diego, CA

“I have done Yoga and Pilates off and on for years as cross training for running and triatholon. I have always found it too slow, lacking results and not challenging enough. Debbie is so refreshing, stimulating, fun and yet professional. She is a great teacher. I have only been once and already I am having trouble laughing because my stomach muscles are so tight and sore.”

~ Theresa Wear, Graphic Designer, San Diego,CA

“Debbie’s pride and passion shows in the results or her clients. She has made a tremendous impact in the fitness community here in San Diego and I look forward to seeing her getting more recognition for her hard work and attention to detail when it comes to creating more balanced and healthy physiques. Keep kickin’ butt Debbie, you are very inspiring to me and others in our industry.”

~ Chris Keith, Boot Camp Business Owner, San Diego,CA

“Debbie has been so inspirational to me to stay fit and sexy! With her positive energy and fun enthusiastic style she has brought so much joy to my workouts and tone to my body! She has focused on my points of interest every time we train together, if its my gluts, hamstrings, calves, arms, back etc that I want to work on… she has the exercises to help me get the desired results I’m looking for! Thank you:)”

~ Stacy Dickinson, Business Investor, San Diego, CA

“I love Blossom Pilates and Soul. Before going here, I honestly had little interest in Pilates, but after the incredible experience I had at Blossom, I can’t wait for the next opportunity I have to take a class.I was referred to this studio as a way to give my body some balance while training for a half marathon (google Justice in Motion if you want an equally transformational experience). Read More >>

I went looking to stretch and strengthen some weak and sore muscles from all the running I have been doing and left with so much more. First, in terms of pure ascetics, the studio is gorgeous. The space is so well decorated. The natural beauty of the exposed bricks and high ceilings have been so well complemented with orchids, inspirational quotes, and a one rad chandelier. Debbie, the owner, really puts the Soul in Blossom Pilates and Soul. She makes an intimidating fitness class such an empowering experience. The idea of finely tuning certain muscles, especially in the core area, is rather scary to me. If you feel the same, have no fear because Debbie’s approach makes the whole process so comfortable. The individual support she provides is helpful in making sure you get the most out of the class. It is amazing how tweaking what you are doing slightly can completely enhance the benefit of the move.
On her website Debbie states that “Blossom Pilates is a place where women can show up and be authentic…..they can just be themselves and get whatever it is they need that day to blossom.” I attended both a mat and Reformer class and found just what was described. Each class was catered towards what I needed that day, even if I wasn’t fully aware at the time what it was I was looking for….
She also states that the women who take classes with her “tend to leave feeling uplifted and empowered and invigorated and happier and more connected.” This is exactly how I felt when I was leaving through the beautiful garden in front of the studio.
If you have ever wanted to feel more empowered and connected but don’t know how to accomplish this, I really recommend you head to Blossom Pilates and Soul.”

~Alyssa K.Washington, DC

“I LOVE Blossom— every time I go, I end up getting an amazing workout along with inspiration and a feeling of empowerment. Debbie is a beautiful human who transcends being just an instructor to being a friend, coach, and an example of a centered, enlightened person. “Going deep” in every class involves muscles and spirit — it is the perfect fusion. These classes make me feel like a better and more beautiful person. Thanks Debbie!! “

~Kate L., consultant, San Diego, CA

“Blossom is more than just a pilates studio – it’s an experience! The space is open, gorgeous and real – just like Blossom’s owner, Debbie. She brings such authenticity and love to each class. Plus, she is insanely knowledgeable the human body and pilates. Going to Deb’s classes even once a week make a huge difference to how I feel internally and externally. Blossom nurtures your soul and gives your body a brilliant workout. A must!!”

~ERIN M., business consultant, San Diego, CA

“I’m a 58 year old dental hygienist who needs to continue working for a while. My job is notorious for ergonomic injury. I was also a junior and college level tennis player which left me with ruined knees and feet. My healthy younger brother passed away from “unknown causes” not too long ago so I decided I was going to have to do something to live. I thank the stars (or whatever) that I found Debbie at Blossom Pilates and Soul. Read More >>

I can tell you that is is possible to teach an old dog new tricks, if you are as knowledgeable, patient and skilled as Debbie is. I can’t describe exactly what we do or the process involved but I learn something new and positive every session. I stand taller, I breathe better, my aches and pains are not as bad and long lasting. I can even do something about then at home with the MELT techniques Debbie showed me. I was shocked that Debbie has been fixing my shoulder impingement that I’ve seen an orthopedist and physical therapist for for years. My neck has improved and my chiropractor’s receptionist recently remarked that they haven’t seen me in ages. I am gobsmacked about my knees. They were my permanent “disability.” They crunch, they pop, they always hurt walking upstairs…before Debbie. Ok, its not a miracle cure. I still have the aches and pains of a borderline geriatric but it’s getting better.
I’m happier, healthier and grateful for the promise of continued growth and improvement. Thanks Debbie, you’re stuck with me for the long haul.

~Patty Tanaka, Dental Hygenist, Imperial Beach, CA

“I started going to Blossom a couple of months ago to help with the rehabilitation of my hip after surgery. I was in a wheelchair and crutches for four weeks and then told to start slowly moving. My orthopedic surgeon recommended pilates. I saw Debbie’s business card at my acupuncture clinic and researched on yelp. I recognized her name from having worked with her briefly at another gym years ago. I made an introductory appointment online (very easy) and went in to meet Deb. Read More >>

I was a little bit nervous about what my body would be able to do. After our first day working together, all of that went away! The great thing about Deb is that she meets me wherever I am at. She can tell what I need even just by the way I am standing! If I am feeling great and full of energy, she designs the session that way. If I have particular aches and pains (which is usually the case for me), she addresses those issues by showing me how to rehydrate my body’s tissue using a system called MELT.I’ve been doing private sessions and duet sessions (with another client) and I can’t believe the difference it has made in my level of pain! I can go through my days without the use of painkillers and have more energy. If you have ever been injured and were unable to exercise, you know what I am talking about! I am so grateful to have found her (again)!”

~Ada L., Teacher, San Diego, CA

“I am IN love with Blossom. Up to this point, I’d only been to large classes where it was easy to fade into the crowd and just go into the emotion. Here, Debbie gives you tons of personal attention to make sure you are doing everything correctly and in the way that will best benefit your body. She is patient, but pushes you to the next level. Read More >>

She takes a great interest in each class member and makes you feel confident about yourself and your body. The space is unbelievable- huge windows, great music and amazing vibe. Really is almost too good to be true. I can’t imagine going anywhere else!

~Kathryn R. Sales Rep, San Diego, CA

“Debbie, Blossom’s creator, has fused femininity, fun, and depth into pilates. She has created something unique and powerful to help women drop deeper into their bodies and become more in tune with their spirits. This is not a place to get an “ass kicking.” Yes, I always leave sore in places I never knew were there, but Debbie’s instruction is loving and respectful. She has a great depth of knowledge about the body and pilates, and she has infused that with a philosophy of honoring one’s self. Read More >>

An athlete turned yogini, I never thought I’d love pilates because it had seemed too rigid to me when I had tried it before. Blossom offers the flow and peace of yoga mixed with the core and body attention of a great workout. I highly recommend Blossom to women who want to look spectacular…AND feel beautiful, known, and loved, too! Can’t wait for my next reformer session on Monday! Hope to meet you there!

~Stephanie Armstrong, Speaker and business owner, San Diego, CA

“Beautiful safe space, beautiful music, and an amazing workout. My favorite Pilates Studio in San Diego, by far the best in Hillcrest. That is my honest opinion.”

~James Radina, Marketing Solution Provider, Solana Beach, CA

“I have been taking private and small group classes at Blossom and have noticed an incredible difference in the tone in my body and overall body posture. The workoiut feels good during and after. After trying 4 pilates instructers elsewhere I am sure I have found the best…Debbis at Blossom.”

~J S. Rancho Santa Fe, CA

“This really is as good as it gets. It’s the perfect harmony of challenging yourself while maintaining focus on posture and balance. Debbie is so inspiring and positive, it’s the best way to move into the better you.”

~Anna E. San Diego, CA

“Debbie is an amazing instructor (and human). Her expertise in all-things-pilates is as good as it gets and her attention to detail is incredible. I needed a lot of guidance and Debbie is an expert in providing this. She is an enormous wealth of knowledge, is very patient and knows how to motivate. Always with a smile and always emanating positive energy. Read More >>

Her studio, by the way, is awesome! You feel right at home the second you enter. I HIGHLY recommend trying her studio out.”

~dave hanson, HR and staffing specialist, San Diego, CA