Pilates for Knee Pain

I recently started getting a nagging pain in my left knee after jogging. So, being a pilates instructor and biomechanics nerd I went to the mirror to observe how my knee was tracking when I straightened my leg. And low … Continue reading

Urban Blossom Jewelry End of Summer Sale Sept 29th at Blossom Pilates!

Join us for Urban Blossom Jewelry’s End of Summer Sale Saturday September 29th 4-7pm, with all uniquely handmade pieces 15%-50% off! Get a head start on your holiday shopping, adorn yourself, or simply express yourself as a creative being with … Continue reading

MELT “Core & Restore” Class Every Sat Noon at FITzee Foods-FIRST CLASS FREE

Do you have body aches and pains? Are you looking for simple ways to self-care for your body? Want to stay younger longer? Then join Debbie Lichter every Saturday in Liberty Station for the MELT “Core & Restore” Class This 60 … Continue reading

Got Neck, Back or Knee Pain? Then Read This.

Do you have body aches and pains? Are you looking for simple ways to self-care for your body? Then you’ll want to check out the new MELT classes at Blossom Pilates.  Adding MELT to your life will not only help … Continue reading

Bloomspot Voucher

Instructions To Activate Your Bloomspot Voucher: STEP 1. Hover your curser over the “Classes and Schedule” tab at the top of the screen and select the “Schedule” link from the drop down menu. Then select the “Sign Up!” option at … Continue reading

I Am Enough Meditation Practice

I’ve struggled a lot with self worth over the years—sometimes feeling not enough and other times too much–but rarely feeling ok just as I am. One of the most valuable tools that has helped me heal in this area has … Continue reading

Surrender is the New Strength

Have you ever felt the frustration of life not going how you thought it would? Then read this story, and I hope that you enjoy its message as much as I did. “The Woman Who Tried to Climb the Lake” … Continue reading

Blossom Community Credo

During my morning meditation, I was suddenly inspired with the following statement, which I am calling the Blossom Community Credo. This is a statement describing “What We Stand For”–both as unique souls and as a conscious collective. This is by … Continue reading


Create your own beautiful healing jewelry on Feb 25th from 10-1 at Blossom Pilates & Soul! Jewelry from the Heart offers a healing and creative experience for all who attend. Come and utilize the supportive energy of natural gemstones and … Continue reading

Is Stress Making You Fat?

Maybe, if you’re over-stressing your system. Some level of stress is a good thing, pushing us to grow and expand, but not all of it. When the level of stress you have is overwhelming, then it will start to fire … Continue reading