Debbie Lichter

Debbie Lichter is a women’s empowerment and embodiment leader, a visionary jewelry artist, spiritual healing mentor, a MELT Method teacher, a movement educator, speaker and co-author of The Heartist’s Way. She facilitates Art of Self Care, creative expression & recovery workshops, nationally and internationally, helping people connect with their truest self-expression and their body’s wisdom through the mediums of jewelry crafting, inner healing work, core alignment, MELT Method and sacred adornment. 


Pain To Purpose

Chronic aches and pains from age 15 drove Debbie to seek a path of healing and recovery that extended beyond the scope of traditional medicine. Her path led her to become an Egoscue Alignment Specialist, a STOTT Pilates Teacher, a Reiki Practitioner and a MELT Method Instructor. Today she serves as an self care coach, workshop facilitator and movement educator, using a unique combination of core alignment techniques,The MELT Method, spiritual tools and empowering mentorship to help her clients eliminate pain, reconnect to their body’s wisdom and find balance in mind, body & soul To learn about upcoming MELT workshops or book a MELT 1:1 Skype Session, contact debbie.lichter@gmail.com 


Reclaiming My HeART

About a decade ago, Debbie was living a glamorous life as a young executive working internationally for Cosmo Magazine South Africa. On the inside however, she was struggling with anxiety, drug abuse, eating disorders and feeling deeply disconnected from her Soul. Knowing that something had to change, Debbie embarked on a path of spiritual recovery, holistic wellness and healing and over the next decade, her life transformed. She now weaves this healing wisdom into her retreats, coaching, speaking engagements and in the empowering Urban Blossom Jewelry she crafts. To see more from Urban Blossom Jewelry visit www.urbanblossomjewelry.com. To liberate your creative expression and embrace your inner heARTist visit www.theheartistsway.com.