21 Day Pre-holiday Fat Loss Reset Program

People on average gain 7lbs during the holidays. Why not lose fat instead? Conscious Nutrition founder Heather Flemming has teamed up with Blossom Pilates & Soul to bring us the:

Pre-holiday Fat Loss Reset Program

Beginning November 1st @ 6 pm (PST) 

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This 3-week program is a food-based plan that de-stress’s and gives your body a break before more stress accumulates.  The first week will be a gentle transition removing foods that can cause build up, the second week is the heart of the program and includes a optional protein shake for cleansing and heaps of vegetables, the third week reintroduces foods one at a time to see your true response to how these foods make you feel.

The goals for the Reset Program also include:

  • To be easy on yourself regarding your relationship with food
  • Create a conscious relationship to your body’s signals
  • Discover what foods energize you and what foods don’t
  • Mental clarity
  • Introduce new variety of foods
  • Have Fun!!

The Reset Program consists of:

  • Weekly group teleconference calls by Heather Flemming of Conscious Nutrition
  • A personal coaching call with Heather Fleming of Conscious Nutrition
  • Wholesale Pricing on Optional Cleanse Shake

Also, a BONUS teleseminar with Pete Kirchmer founder of Mindfulness Based Health. Pete is an expert at helping “change resistant” people bridge the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it. His Life Coaching will assist you in overcoming any mental or emotional blocks and integrating the changes you have made during the Reset Program into your life.

Cost of the Program $197

To start your pre-holiday fat loss program Click Here

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